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niki kalkanova, founder


Niki Kalkanova, born in Bulgaria, graduated from Dartmouth College with a major in Economics and a concentration in the creative arts, including Photography, Dance and Acting, amongst other classes.


she began her corporate career in Investment Banking at Citigroup and, after nine years there, moved to Bertelsmann in an HR Technology Project Management capacity. Throughout her corporate career, Niki has been extensively involved in organizing and leading team building activities and events for her teams and has always made changes to positively influenced the team culture and dynamic of the group.


Niki began studying and performing Bulgarian folk dance at an early age. She fell in love with Argentine Tango, first through the music and then through the dance itself. Niki studied Tango in Buenos Aires with Tango legends Guillermina Quiroga, Milena Plebs, and Nito and Elba. She began her professional career as a member of The Tango Company under the tutelage of Carlos Cañedo, where she taught, performed and organized tango events throughout the United States and Europe. 

Niki believes in the shared human experience and has a deep and longstanding passion for writing that began in college. Currently, Niki contributes articles on Tango to Arianna Huffington​'s Thrive Global community

Niki founded the TANGO BUILD method out of a desire to combine her two career paths - her corporate expertise and logical mind with her creative energy and experience with teaching and performing - and in an effort to put her mark on today's focus of building more agile, trusting and motivated teams.

notable feature videos

music video for "Alive Tonight"

Niki Kalkanova is a feature dancer in Monika Ryan's music video for her new single "Alive Tonight". 

social impact film

Niki Kalkanova partnered with Red Is Dancing and 836M Art Gallery to create a thought provoking video to stop violence against women. 

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