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team building group workshops

by appointment only,

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through a variety of Tango-based partner exercises and frameworks, we will work on developing beyond our current level of comfortability the above skills, both individually and within the dynamics of the team. We will also focus on patiently being in the moment, no matter if we are the leader that defines what’s next or the follower that has to react to what the leader defines. We will multitask but will also let go of all control, constantly interplaying between the two sides of the partnership. The goal of the workshop is primarily to have fun, but also to challenge our preconceived notions for the benefit of the team and our individual role within it.


we can tailor the workshop in a way that works for the specific needs of your organization and team to ensure you get the most out of working with us. The minimum time commitment is two hours but we can organize workshops for as long as two full days. We do focus more on the exercises but you will also get an introduction to Argentine Tango and will have a better understanding of the dance by the end of our work together.  

what is Argentine Tango?

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