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one-on-one private workshops

by appointment only,

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we also specialize in working with individuals on a one-on-one basis through a system of private workshops. These private workshops will allow you to rely on Argentine Tango as a form of meditation that teaches you how to be in the moment without judgement and fear, how to actively listen to another, how to rely on non-verbal communication in your personal and professional life, and how to understand your own body through the power of movement. At the end of the day, Tango is about building trust in ourselves and in others while understanding and keeping our boundaries. The goal of the workshop is primarily to have fun, but also to challenge our preconceived notions in order to create new muscle memory in our brains and bodies that then transfers to our daily lives.


the private workshops are one hour long and can be scheduled at any point of the week, depending on your availability and preference. We can tailor the workshops in a way that works for your specific needs and goals. We do focus more on the exercises but you will also get an introduction to Argentine Tango and will have a better understanding of the dance by the end of our work together.  

what is Argentine Tango?

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